12 May 2014
May 12, 2014

YCI meets with Vicente Fox at HOLA


At the beginning of May and as part of the HOLA conference in Miami, Stephen Farrant (Director ITP and YCI) had the opportunity to meet with the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, to discuss the YCI programme, its impact in Mexico and beyond, and our plans for the future.

“President Fox was well briefed on the programme and showed great interest in our practical, business-focused model for transforming the lives of some of the most vulnerable young people in society, and was keen to offer his support as we move forwards,” said Stephen. Discussions are now underway to define more closely what form this support could take, including not only the President’s personal involvement and commitment but also a possible association with the Centro Fox.

Mexico currently has some 7.5 million “ninis,” in other words young people who are neither in work nor education or training due to a complete lack of opportunities. They are referred to as Mexico’s lost generation, who are significantly more vulnerable to be drawn into a life of crime without the intervention of programmes like YCI. Mexico is currently the biggest YCI market with 14 active participating hotels.

Stephen also presented the YCI programme to the HOLA conference in a plenary session, and held productive discussions with a range of current and potential new programme partners and funders across the Latin American region. YCI is grateful to the organisers of the HOLA conference for their support of YCI.

Read more at: http://www.youthcareerinitiative.org/breakfast-with-vicente-fox-former-president-of-mexico/